“My husband and I come from two families of farmers who do this job for countless generations. My husband Antonio, completed compulsory education, had no doubts about what he wanted to do and after 30 years he is still here working the land with great passion and professionalism; In fact, my motto about him is that in his veins runs the blood but not the earth !!

I attended the Faculty of Agriculture and now I hold a double figure: I deal with Farmhouse to 360 °, and I’m consulting to various farms.. ” Sabina
The farm consists of 180 Ha of land, partly owned and partly rented, where they are grown in prevalence cereals (wheat and barley) but also forage and olive trees. The crops are certified organic by Bioagricert; in fact comply with the provisions of European legislation ORGANIC FARMING, minimizing the human impact on the environment and working in the most natural way possible.
Finally, there are our animal friends: from kittens to farmyard animals (chickens and rabbits), from pigs to calf.